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Alina Wessel and Cathugo Yachts - an exciting partnership

My name is Alina Wessel. I live in Cologne and am on tour around the world as a tennis professional. My goal is to soon become one of the top female tennis players in the world. As a sportswoman, I have to make absolutely sure that I eat a healthy diet and that my body is supplied with suffi cient nutrients and vitamins. Together with my father and manager Claus Wessel, I therefore met with nonmedical practitioner and nutritional expert Albert Hesse, whose company specialises in dietary supplement products. Albert Hesse subsequently told us about his great passion. His second company, CATHUGO Yachts, builds luxury catamarans according to his own innovative ideas and designs.

Albert Hesse quickly hit upon the idea of enriching the worldwide presentation of the catamaran, which was scheduled to enter series production, with the dynamics and attractiveness of a professional tennis player. Although I had barely come into contact with yachts and motorboats before, the sporty design of the CATHUGO power catamarans immediately enthralled me. I had never seen such yachts beforehand. Even the scale model imparts an appealing, dynamic elegance and impresses with a wealth of functional details. I was able to talk Albert Hesse into a visit to the first CATHUGO yacht under construction at the wharf in Aken on the Elbe. It was enormously exciting to see at fi rst hand the creation of a yacht and have each and every detail explained by wharf owner Andreas Krake.

The CATHUGO yachts‘ high level of dynamism and perfection impresses me, because there are a number of parallels with me as a professional sportswoman. The production of each Cathugo yacht is accompanied and inspected by an independent appraiser recommended by Germanische Lloyd. Germanische Lloyd is the expert and certifi er offering the highest standards of quality. We therefore guarantee maximum quality and precision as well as gap-free documentation with fi nal certifi cation for the construction of each Cathugo yacht. To achieve my sporting goals, I also make high demands on myself and strive to attain perfection. This discipline and ambition also help me to overcome other daily challenges. As with the CATHUGO yachts, my equipment also has to be absolutely state-of-the-art and above all, must meet my high standards as well as being a good match for me. I think the decision regarding a yacht model has to be thought through with a level of care similar to that of a professional tennis player‘s choice of a suitable racquet from amongst dozens of brands and models.

As well as the technology, the will and drive to achieve something is one of the most important performance components in tennis. I therefore asked myself whether I „merely“ want to be a partner or the face of an ambitious project or whether more is possible? Would I also be able to personally steer and control such a boat with over 800 hp and a length of more than 16 m? My objective was therefore clear: by the time the yacht is launched, I want to be in possession of a skipper‘s licence and fulfi l a further dream in addition to my dream of soon playing on the most beautiful tennis courts in the world in Wimbledon, Paris, New York and Sydney: I want to assume responsibility for skippering a CATHUGO yacht.


an exclusive offer .... for you

due to my close and trusting co-operation with CATHUGO yachts, I can exclusively offer to personally accompany you on a viewing and test drive of a CATHUGO yacht, unless I am currently „serving“ at a tournament somewhere else in the world. An exclusive and high-quality product such as a CATHUGO yacht requires an adequate period of time to manufacture, particularly when individual customer wishes are being taken into consideration and implemented. As a result of this, a certain lead time may be necessary after placing a purchase order before a production space can be reassigned in the wharf. Production at the Krake wharf is often stretched beyond capacity. However, I have some good news for you: a while ago, I was able to reserve two order The construction of a yacht brokered by me could therefore begin as quickly as possible. I would be delighted to give you my personal support as a customer of CATHUGO yachts.

Alina Wessel

If you are interested, please contact my management, ASC Marketing Consult at Cologne, Mr. Claus Wessel, cs-wessel(at) , Mobil: +49 176 81165168.

Alina Wessel